Week of May 15-19, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing concert dancers! I am very proud of all of the work you did to get the show together and I hope you are too. Now we are down to our last full week of school! The schedule is different this week due to exam preparation, so please look over and also make sure you check Ms. Denise’s blog as well. I will also continue to use the remind app for any schedule adjustments that might need to happen. And also notice, there is an event every night this week, so plenty to see and support as we finish out our 2016-17 CCCEPA year!

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 5/15/17 – 

-Gold Group – Final Exam Review – Edwards

-PHS Honors Night

Tuesday 5/16/17 – 

-Purple Group – Final Exam Review – Edwards

Drama 4 Projects 7:30 pm

Wednesday 5/17/17 –

-Purple and Gold – Exam Review with Edwards/Reeves (we will split class)

FNL Show 7:30 pm

Thursday 5/18/17 – 

-bring dance clothes (except seniors who will be testing 3rd and 4th period)

-Senior Final Exams – 3rd and 4th period

PA Open House 7:30 pm

Friday 5/19/17 – 

-Jazz and Modern classes with Edwards and Davis (except seniors who will be testing 1st and 2nd periods)

-Senior Final Exams – 1st and 2nd periods

PA Awards Night 7:30 pm



Dancers – please keep up with all of your notes and costume requirements this week. We will meet in the studios first before going to the theater unless you are told otherwise, which we might do with Remind app – so make sure you are signed up for your class!


-Dress Rehearsal means as if there is an audience – all costume pieces, make-up and hair fully done (see below), all required underdressing, no colorful nail polish, no jewelry, no glasses on stage.

Failure to complete any of this will result in a deduction of your concert grade beginning Wednesday 5/10. 

Hair –

girls – bun, unless told otherwise – this includes hairnet, all hair secure, no wispies, gel or hairspray must be used

guys – product in hair if needed to keep it in still and controlled


Make-up – 

girls – same requirements as fall – foundation powder, blush/counter under cheekbone, brown/cream eye shadows, black eyeliner, penciled in eyebrows if fair, mascara, lashes are optional but not required, red lipstick for jazz and modern, soft pink for ballet

guys – no makeup unless told for specific piece


Specific hair assignments will be sent via remind, if you don’t get one, it’s a bun.


Week of May 1-5, 2017

Alright dancers, here we go! Countdown to show week has begun! This week our primary focus is getting ALL choreography completed and clean so that when we move in to the theater next week we can focus on spacing and technical components, including costumes.

Testing – 

This week is also the beginning of EOC and AP testing, and our adjusted schedule today reflected that. We will be on this same schedule through next Wednesday 5/10. I will be posting the testing/lunch schedules for 3rd period outside the dance studios if you need that as a reference.

If you are taking an AP test, and will miss dance class or rehearsal. please email Ms. Denise or myself. We need to know in advance so we can plan the best use of class and tech time. Remember, AP testing and medical emergencies are the only excused absences for the next week.

Tech Schedule for next week – 

This is posted on Ms. Denise’s blog and in the studios. Please make note of the days when you are called and plan accordingly.


Warm-up on Saturday 5/13/17 begins promptly at 3:30pm, if you are late/miss warm-up, you will not perform that night.

DRESS REHEARSAL – Remember that this means full make-up/hair/costume requirements, there is no “I’ll have it for the show” at dress rehearsal. You have everything as if there is an audience at dress rehearsal to show you are prepared for the actual show.

Hair/Make-up/Costume Reminders – I will be posting this once I know the exact show order in case hairstyles can change, but as of right now, everyone is in a bun with regular stage make-up. I will post more details on this later this week.

Start Studying for the Final Exam NOW!  – 

Seniors – you will take your exam the week after the concert, and Freshman-Juniors will be the following week. There will not be a lot of time for review in class due to concert schedule, so start going over your notes now.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 5/1/17 –

Gold group – Warm-up/Choreography

Tuesday 5/2/17 –

Gold Group –  Warm-up/Choreography

Wednesday 5/3/17 –

Purple Group – Warm-up/Choreography

Thursday 5/4/17 –

Purple Group – Warm-up/Choreography

Friday 5/5/17 –

Gold Group – Warm-up/Choreography


5, 6, 7, 8!!!!!!!!!!!



Week of April 24-28, 2017

Weekly Schedule – SENIOR WEEK!

Monday 4/24/17 – Homeroom Schedule

Gold Group –

Costume Fittings

Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Tuesday 4/25/17 – 

Gold Group –


Choreography Project Presentations

Concert Choreography

Wednesday 4/26/17 – 

Purple Group –


Choreography Project Presentations*

*(3rd period will work in groups and present at end of period, all other classes will present and then move on to concert choreography)

Thursday 4/27/17  – Homeroom before 1st period, Changing of Chairs rehearsal in AM

Purple Group –


Concert Choreography

1st, 3rd and 4th period – costume fittings

Friday 4/28/17 – Changing of Chairs/Homeroom in AM, then adjusted schedule, no 1st period

Purple Group –


Concert Choreography


Other Reminders – 

DANCE CONCERT TSHIRTS ON SALE – $10 DUE FRIDAY 4/28 TO MS. EDWARDS – cash, PAPA acct or money order



  • Wednesday 4/19 – 7:45 am – opening section only
  • Thursday 4/20 – 4:30 – 5:45 pm – Studio 1, 6:30-7:30 pm, KSU TECH Rehearsal!
  • Friday 4/21 – 7:45 am – TBA, 5th period for sure

Paperwork –  

Everyone should have gotten a Field Trip form by 3rd period today, please get those back to me by tomorrow if possible, Thursday at the latest.

I have also handed out info packet from KSU with maps and information on registration and parking locations for the weekend.

Please make sure you have your carpools figured out for Thursday’s rehearsal at KSU as well as the festival, you will need to carpool to and from lunch as well as to the theater.

At Thursday’s rehearsal, everyone will need to get both mine and Alecia’s phone numbers. I will also want to know everyone’s plan for carpool through the weekend so please figure that out beforehand. 

Week of April 17-21, 2017

Dancers – as we have been discussing in class this past week, there are many major things going on right now as the year comes to a close. Please make sure you are staying on top of all aspects of your dance classes – effort and attention in technique classes and concert choreography rehearsals, staying up to date with your group for your choreography projects and managing the remaining performance/rehearsal responsibilities of the year. If you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and get caught up.

If you are going on the trip to the University of Alabama, you will be missing both concert choreography as well as time to work with your group on projects. Any groups affected should sign out studio space before school or work out other arrangements to work on putting your piece together. The projects are still due next week.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 4/17/17 – 

Gold Group –

Technique/Warm-up, Concert Choreography

Tuesday 4/18/17 – 

Gold Group –

Warm-up, work in groups on Choreography Projects

Wednesday 4/19/17 – 

Purple Group –

Warm-up, work in groups on Choreography Projects

Thursday 4/20/17 – 

Purple Group –

Technique/Warm-up, Concert Choreography

Friday 4/21/17 – 

Gold Group –

Warm-up, Concert Choreography


Other Reminders – 

-Vocal Concert -Tuesday 4/18/17, all minors go to vocal for 5th period Monday and Tuesday this week

-KSU Dance Festival this weekend! – Rehearsal Thursday 4/20/17 4:30-6:00 pm, Studio 1, Tech Rehearsal at Theater 6:30-7:30 pm




4:30-6:30 PM – Studio 1

4:30-5:30 PM – ALL CALLED

 5:30-6:30 PM- will just be dancers in clumps in opening section



4:30-6:00 PM – FINAL REHEARSAL at school

6:00 PM – carpool/drive to Theater for tech rehearsal

6:30 PM – call time





Week of April 10-14, 2017

Welcome back dancers! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing break, now it’s time to get back in the studios and finish this year off right! Please look over the schedule and stay on top of the many things that are going on in all of your classes right now. Time management is a large part of your training, so use your calendars and write important things down so that you do not forget!

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 4/10/17 – 

Gold Group –

-Dance History- notes/videos on Twyla Tharp

-Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Tuesday 4/11/17 – 

Gold Group –

-Solo Choreography check-off (45 second minimum requirement)

-Concert Choreography

Wednesday 4/12/17 – 

Purple Group –

-Dance History – notes/videos on Twyla Tharp

-Concert Choreography

Thursday 4/13/17 – 

Purple Group –

-Solo Choreography check-off (45 second minimum requirement)

-Concert Choreography

Friday 4/14/17 – 

Purple Group –


-Concert Choreography


Curriculum Focus – 

-Dance History – we are finishing up the unit this week with Twyla Tharp, but obviously your choreography projects are linked to our history unit as well. Start reviewing your notes now so that you will be prepared for the final in May. Our concert is very close to exams this year, so the time for review in class will be very short.

-Choreography Projects – it is imperative that you communicate with your group members and make sure that you are prepared and present in class to work on assigned project days. Be as creative as possible when connecting your artists together, and know that doing this will require time spent outside of class.

-Concert Choreography- please make sure you are continually reviewing and practicing all of your dances, the concert will be here closer than you think! We will post more hair/makeup/costume specifics as we get closer to the show.