CONCERT WEEK!!! April 22-27, 2019

Dancers – here we go! The schedule for this week will be similar to the one we had in the fall. Meet in studios for your classes, and we will take turns heading to the stage for warm-up. If anything changes, we will let you know via your class reminds. The main thing is that everyone has made plans to stay after school until 7 pm all week.

If you have not done so already, please make sure you have everything you need for hair/makeup/costumes for the show! Dress Rehearsals start Wednesday 4/24/19.

Other reminders for the week –

-NO eating in the theater, water bottles only

-natural fingernail/toenail polish only

-no jewelry – leave it at home this week!, this includes all watches

-Quiet backstage – tech week involves a lot of hurry up and wait, you need to be patient and respectful while others are on stage, and prepared and focused when it is your turn

Monday 4/22- Friday 4/26 – during school day

-meet in studios

-warm-up – stage or studio (we will let you know)

-space dances on stage

Monday 4/22-Thursday 4/25 after school – 

-Tech Rehearsals after school until 7 pm- ALL DANCERS CALLED EVERY NIGHT!

Friday 4/26 – SHOW DAY

-during the day we will warm-up/rehearse

-dress rehearsal after school

-dinner break

-Concert at 7:30 pm

Saturday 4/27 – SHOW DAY

-MANDATORY WARM-UP at 3:30 pm – If you miss this warm-up, you will not perform.

-Dress Rehearsal

-Concert at 7:30 pm


Week of April 15-19, 2019

Dancers – this is our last week in class before the concert! We have a lot to do and your attendance in class the next two weeks is imperative. Please make sure you email us if you are going to be absent for any reason.

Dance History Unit – This unit will be very different in that we will have two very intense weeks of dance history after the concert as opposed to a little bit each week. You will get handouts this week that you need to read before the week of April 29 so that you are ready to learn about Bob Fosse and Michael Bennett. We have to move fast to wrap up in time for the senior finals.

DANCE CONCERT – please make sure you have everything you need for the concert this week – this includes hair/makeup supplies, tights, shoes, flexis etc. and anything you are supposed to bring from home. Rehearsals will be everyday after school next week, schedule will be posted in studios this week. This includes a mandatory warm-up class on Saturday. All of this information is in the contract that you and your parent signed and we will be following that contract next week. Attendance in class is just as important as after school because that is when we space and rehearse your dances to be ready for the crew after school.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 4/15 –

Silver Group – warm-up, concert choreography

Tuesday 4/16 –

Silver Group – warm-up, concert choreography

Wednesday 4/17 –

Gold Group – warm-up, concert choreography

Thursday 4/18 – (Changing of the Chairs rehearsal – AM)

Gold Group – warm-up, concert choreography

Friday 4/19 –  (Changing of the Chairs, adjusted schedule, no 1st period, report to Homeroom in morning)

Gold Group – warm-up, concert choreography

Jerome Robbins timelines and second set of videos

I am handing back the Jerome Robbins timelines today. Overall they were great, but some points were deducted for not including notes on historical context and people that he worked with. If you have any questions about your grade just ask.


Videos for Jerome Robbins, section 2 –

from West Side Story – (from movie, now on Netflix:)



Dance at the Gym


Also – (youtube videos)

Jerome Robbins Broadway 1989 Tony Awards

Dances at a Gathering – Waltz, Mazurkas, Tiler Peck sections


Week of March 25-29, 2019

Dancers – this is our last week before Spring Break!!! As usual, we have a lot to do in a short amount of time. This week we will be finishing up the Jerome Robbins unit, doing jazz juries in class, and working on concert pieces. I will also get your timelines back to you by the end of the week. Your unit test will be the week we return from Spring Break on Wednesday 4/10/19.

It is imperative that you keep your body and mind in shape over the break. In addition to your unit 5 test, we will only have two weeks to finalize everything before tech week for the concert.

Jazz Juries – I will be evaluating you using a rubric that you will get to look over in class. I will also post it on my blog. I will be looking at you during specific sections of warm-up and across the floor to access your technical development for the year, and your suggested placement for next year. I will be filming some sections so that I can grade them later and we can keep moving in class. I will spend two days on juries for both gold and silver groups.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 3/25/19 – 

Silver Group –


-Concert Choreography

Tuesday 3/26/19 – 

Silver Group –

-Dance History


-Concert Choreography

Wednesday 3/27/19 – 

Gold Group –


-Concert Choreography

Thursday 3/28/19 – 

Gold Group –

-Dance History


-Concert Choreography

Friday 3/29/19 – 

Gold Group –


-Concert Choreography

Week of March 11-15, 2019

Dancers – we have a lot going on this week, especially with the adjusted schedule due to the dance festival trip. Please read carefully.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 3/11 – 

Silver Group – Jazz warm-up, concert choreography

5th period – run festival pieces, trip meeting

Tuesday 3/12-

Silver Group – Dance history, warm-up, choreography

Wednesday 3/13 – EARLY RELEASE DAY

You will go to all four classes for approximately 35-40 min, and then dismissed at 11:30 am

Gold Group – Dance History (you will not dress out)

Thursday 3/14 – 

Gold Group – warm-up, choreography, run all dances (bring ballet shoes)

Friday 3/15 – 

Gold Group – you will warm-up and then clean piece for concert


As always, keep up with your journals. You will get information on your written assignment during dance history notes this week. If you do not get the final set of notes on Jerome Robbins you will not be able to complete the written assignment.