Week of September 14-18, 2020

Dancers –

This week we will be focusing on the Jazz Assessment. This assessment will take place during class so if you are absent this week there is a good chance you will be called on a Wednesday for a makeup time. I have sent individual class reminds letting you know the specifics of what will be assessed.

See you in class!

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 9/14 and Tuesday 9/15 – Silver classes – Jazz Technique/Assessment

Thursday 9/17 and Friday 9/18 – Gold classes – Jazz Technique/Assessment

Week of September 8-11, 2020

Dancers – This week we will continue to work on warm-up sequences, conditioning, cardio, coordination exercises, and center floor technique combinations. Please make sure you are taking notes to keep up with new material taught in class.

Wednesday 9/9 – This will be the day for make-ups for the Common Assessment that was given on Friday 9/4. If you were absent that day please reach out to the teacher you had for class on Friday (Silver/Reeves, Gold/Edwards) to get times for makeup test.

SCHEDULE CHANGE – Remember that this week we begin the new schedule with the school day beginning at 8:20 am instead of 8:00 am. The entire day is pushed back 20 minutes with 5th period taking place from 2:00-2:35 pm M,T, Th, F.

Weekly Schedule – 

Tuesday 9/8 – Silver – Jazz Technique

Thursday 9/10 – Gold – Jazz Technique

Friday 9/11 – Gold – Jazz Technique

Week of August 31- September 4, 2020


We will continue with our second week dancing in classes with a focus on warm-up, center floor technique and jazz terminology. Make sure that if you are ever absent that you get caught up with the daily warm-up because your Unit 1 questions will mostly come from those warm-ups.


Please read the attached document about reminders for virtual learning. Also, please sign up for your class remind if you have not already done so! We have already started using the class reminds to communicate with classes, especially in relation to class updates due to technology issues.

Dance Department Reminders

Dance Class Reminds

Weekly Schedule Rotation – make sure you are signing into the correct classes each day!

Monday 8/31 – Silver Group

Tuesday 9/1 – Silver Group

Thursday 9/3 – Gold Group

Friday 9/4 – Gold Group


2nd Silver – Warm-up Assignment 8/24/20

Warm-up Question (to be answered in journal and entered in Table of Contents) – 

What is Jazz Dance? (there is no right or wrong answer, just describe what you think of when you hear this term)

Perform the following movements –

10 push-ups (or as many as you can do) with correct alignment – hands directly under shoulders, body in a straight line through shoulder/hip/heel

Hold plank for 30 seconds, take a 10 second break, and then hold for 30 seconds again

Week of August 24-28, 2020

Second week of school, and our first week of dancing!! I look forward to seeing you all dancing this week in class. We will begin with jazz warm-up and conditioning as well as some terminology.

Reminders for virtual dance classes –

  • Camera is on, and when dancing your entire body is in the shot.
  • Make sure you have space to move in your house and bring any additional items you might need and have them close by – shoes, water bottle, yoga mat/towel (the need for these depends on type of floor you will be dancing on)
  • Your mic stays on mute but I will pause periodically for questions
  • You are expected to be dressed out when class begins, you will not be given time to dress out during the class time.

Journal Set-up Assignment due Monday 8/24/20 – All you have to show is that you have your Table of Contents set up with the following – page numbers for journal listed, 8/24/20 entry, name in top right corner, explain how you are doing corrections – daily, weekly, in a section in the back of journal.

Class reminds – make sure you are signed up for your individual class reminds!!

PA contracts due Friday 8/28/20!



Dance Class Reminds –


  • All codes need to be texted to 81010, or go on remind.com to sign up for email notifications
  • Sign up only for your class remind
  • Dance majors need to also sign up for the D.Major remind



CLASS                                                                          REMIND CODE                                   


1st Period Silver                                                          @frstsilver


1st Period Gold                                                            @frstgold


2nd Period Silver                                                          @secsilver


2nd Period Gold                                                           @secgold


3rd Period Silver                                                          @trdsilver


3rd Period Gold                                                           @trdgold


4th                                                                                @4thperda


Dance Majors                                                             @majorsda