Week of August 19-23, 2019

This week we will continue adding on to warm-up and across the floor phrases in all classes. We will also start focusing on terminology from the Giordano dictionary packet that everyone has received by now (except 4th period, you will get yours on Wednesday 8/21). If you have not received this yet due to absence make sure you get one from me this week! This will be the majority of the information for the jazz section of the Unit 1 Test.

Skills Grades – please be mindful of your grades! We went over the deduction process and discussed how it is cumulative for the semester. If you are present every day, are prepared, work hard, and practice good etiquette, then this grade should not be an issue for you.

Journal Checks – I did journal checks this week to make sure that they were set up properly and up to date. I took points off for any of the requirements that were posted on my blog two weeks ago not being met. But next time the journal check will be much more specific, so make sure you are up to date every day with your journal, including your corrections.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 8/19 –

Silver Group – Jazz Terminology and Technique

Tuesday 8/20 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Terminology and Technique

Wednesday 8/21 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Terminology and Technique

Thursday 8/22 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Terminology and Technique

Friday 8/23 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique


Week of August 12-16, 2019

Dancers –

This week we will be focusing on adding more to the warm-up sequences you learned last week in addition to across the floor combinations. Remember that you need to practice new movement every night so that we can keep pressing forward with our technique classes. We will also continue to use the Giordano dictionaries for written understanding of jazz technique.

Journals – all journals should be kept up to date with daily written entries and set up according to directions discussed in class. Please refer to my blog post about journals if you need details about journal requirements.

Weekly Schedule –

There are class meetings this week, all during 1st period. Come to class first and then you will be called to the theater. Monday -12th, Wednesday – 9th, Friday – 10th.

Monday 8/12 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Tuesday 8/13 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Wednesday 8/14 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Thursday 8/15 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Friday 8/16 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique


Setting up Dance Journals

Everyone should have their dance journals (bound composition books only, no spiral notebooks), here are the requirements for setting it up for the year –

Table of Contents – this should be the first thing we see when the journal is opened, all entries listed by day/date/style (ballet or jazz), this should be kept up to date on a daily basis and all pages in journal should be numbered.

Corrections – you are expected to write down five corrections per week to focus on in both class and practice outside of school, you need to decide how you want to enter your corrections in your journal – daily, weekly, or all in a separate section in back of journal – and notate how you are doing your corrections in the top right corner of 1st page of Table of Contents!

Daily Warm-up/Question – you are responsible for these, even when you are absent. This should be the first thing you make up after an absence.

Overall organization – writing on front and back or just the front side of paper, how many entries you put per page, how you do your corrections – that is up to you. JUST MAKE SURE WHAT IS IN YOUR TABLE OF CONTENTS MATCHES WHAT IS IN YOUR JOURNAL, AND VICE VERSA.

Any questions, please ask! We want this to be a learning tool for you. And getting it set up correctly is the first step in that process.

Unit Dates for the year – 

Unit 1 – 8/1-9/13

Unit 2 – 9/16-11/1

Unit 3 – 11/4-12/20

Unit 4 – 1/6-2/14

Unit 5 – 2/24-4/3

Unit 6 – 4/13-5/20


First Day of School notes

Dancers – here are some reminders for the first day of school.

  • You WILL have Homeroom before 1st period for the first five days of school.
  • You need to follow your schedule as is because we have to keep attendance accurate. I am confident that scheduling issues should be resolved soon, but you must follow whatever your current schedule says.
  • We are not dressing out Thursday 8/1 or Friday 8/2. It is our hope to have you dancing by Monday but we have a lot of information to get through before that can happen.
  • Thursday 8/1 – 5th period – ALL PA STUDENTS REPORT TO EARL REECE THEATER!
  • All PA classes have “A” lunch this year! Go to A lunch, then report to third period P.A. class.

See everyone tomorrow! – Ms. Eileen


I had to update the code (some freshman students and parents that I talked to this morning at Falcon Flyby have the old code which will not work this year)


Dance Department Remind Code for 2019-20

Text code  @5678pa to 81010


If you have any questions, please email me!



Beginning of year information

Welcome back dancers! We are so excited to see both new and returning students in the studios this week. Here are couple of reminders for the start of school –


Thursday 8/1 and Friday 8/2 – 

-We will all meet together to discuss dance handbook (policies and procedures for the year). You do NOT need dance clothes the first couple days of school. We hope to have you dancing on Monday, but will let you know for sure on Friday 8/2.

-We will be discussing all expectations for classes, including the required dress code. If you had not had a chance to get your CCCEPA dancewear, we will let you know the steps to take to get that taken care of.

-You will also be getting the Dance Department remind code, please sign up for that immediately! We will use that a lot the first couple weeks of school, and then you will get an additional code for your individual class.