Week of January 6-10, 2020

Welcome back dancers! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing break with friends and family. I look forward to seeing you all back in the studios this week. We will be focusing on technique, introduction to the Luigi unit, and regular first week of school business. Make sure you have your dance clothes and journals every day.

Reminders –

  • You will have a 15 minute Homeroom BEFORE 1st period Monday-Wednesday, you will be getting your transcripts which will be checked by all of your teachers during the day to ensure that your schedule is correct.
  • Seniors – please inform us ahead of time about your audition dates (if you have not already done so), this helps us keep you on track
  • Please make sure you sign up for the correct class remind if your schedule changed this semester, these are in a separate post from last week


Monday 1/6 – 15 minute Homeroom before 1st period

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Tuesday 1/7 – 15 minute Homeroom before 1st period

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Wednesday 1/8 – 15 minute Homeroom before 1st period

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Thursday 1/9 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Friday 1/10 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Class Remind Codes

I am posting these again in case some of you are switching class periods this year to accommodate academic classes, please make sure you are signed up for your current class, and de-activate your old one.

All codes should be texted to 81010.


1st gold      @frstgold

1st Silver     @frstsilver

2nd Gold     @secgold

2nd Silver    @secsilver

3rd Gold      @trdgold

3rd Silver     @trdsilver

4th              @4thperda

Week of December 16-20, 2019

Last week of school for the semester!

Obviously, we will be focusing on review for the final exam while also keep you dancing a bit.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 12/16 – 

Silver group – exam review, you will not dress out today

Tuesday 12/17 – 

Silver group – Technique/Exam Review, you will dress out today

Wednesday 12/18 – 

Gold grop – Technique/Exam Review, you will dress out today





Week of December 9-13, 2019

Dancers – well, here we are at our last two weeks of the semester! First of all, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderful concert! I am very proud of how well you all performed all of your dances, and I hope your family and friends enjoyed the show as well.

This week we will be focusing on reviewing Giordano technique, history and terminology to prepare you for the final exam next week. Final Exams are on Thursday 12/19 and Friday 12/20.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 12/9 – 

Silver group – Giordano Technique

Tuesday 12/10 – 

Silver group – Exam Review Sheets (you will not dress out, but need to bring your journals and all handouts from the semester)

Wednesday 12/11 – 

Gold group – Giordano Technique

Thursday 12/12 – 

Gold group – Exam Review Sheets (you will not dress out, but need to bring your journals and all handouts from the semester)

Friday 12/13 – 

Gold Group – Giordano Technique


Dancers – here are some reminders for our upcoming show week, including details for hair and makeup. Please look over this before Monday 12/2 so that you are focused and prepared for the concert, and can pick up any items you may still need this weekend. Pack your bag for dress rehearsal in the next couple of days to make sure you have everything you need. 

  • During school day, report to studios first unless told otherwise via remind.
  • Rehearsal every day until 7:30 pm, except Monday 12/2 (early dismissal at 6:30 pm for everyone not in Festival pieces
  • Saturday 12/7 call time for warm-up is 3:15pm, if you do not warm-up you do not perform.
  • All majors and minors report directly to theater for 5th period Monday-Friday, sit house right for attendance.
  • When entering theater for 5th period – enter through the lobby doors and have a seat house right quickly and quietly. We will most likely be working onstage right up until the bell, so all talking stops when you enter theater.
  • Bring as little as possible show week, only what you need!
  • Please put initials in all of your dance wear/shoes etc
  • No jewelry/glasses on stage, this includes all rehearsals.
  • No bright nail polish colors, natural colors only.
  • No outlandish/sparkly/glittery/glossy makeup products, matte is best for stage.
  • Dress Rehearsals begin Wednesday 12/4- bring all hair/makeup/costume items needed – no excuses. (see list below)
  • Please email us with any EOC testing conflicts so we can keep track and help you get caught up on what you missed.
  • We do not dismiss from ANY rehearsal/performance until the entire backstage area is clean, with all costumes accounted for. This is a huge effort that requires participation from everyone. Clean up after yourselves, and follow the costume procedures with your class captains and we should be in good shape at the end of every night.


Female Dancer Requirements beginning Wednesday 12/4 – 

  • all tights/shoes/leotards needed for jazz and ballet dances, Flexi
  • EVERYTHING you need to put your hair up in a bun, ponytail holders, bobby pins, hair nets, spray/gel. Please make your life easier and just come to school with your hair done, it will save you time and hassle in rehearsals!
  • Make-up – foundation (powder or liquid) that matches your skin, contour/blush 2-3 shades darker than your skin, face powder to set makeup and prevent shine, concealer if needed, neutral eye shadow – light color all over lid, darker brown in crease, black eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil if needed (if you have fair or sparse eyebrows you will need to define them), red lipstick for jazz, pink for ballet (lip pencils will help color last longer). There are many inexpensive options – NYC, ELF, Wet-n-Wild – that you can find at drugstores and get what you need. Please do not share makeup, that is not hygienic, and you need your own makeup for performances. Make-up wipes are also helpful for changing lipsticks and fixing mistakes easily.
  • there are some great makeup tutorials on youtube (although they use a lot more products than what I listed), but search for “makeup tutorials for dance” and a bunch of helpful videos pop up. Again, you do not have to do everything they do, but there is a lot of helpful information out there if you are new to applying stage makeup.
  • deodorant (solid NOT spray)


Male Dancer Requirements beginning Wednesday 12/4 – 

  • all tights, socks, shoes, jazz pants, bike shorts etc needed for jazz and ballet dances, dance belt
  • hair needs to be neat- if you longer it needs to be in ponytail or gel/sprayed down – basically no movement of hair onstage
  • deodorant (solid NOT spray)

Reflection Paper

This assignment will help you reflect and assess your weekly corrections and technical progress for this semester. The paper needs to be hand-written, 1-2 pages long, and answer the questions below.

  • What were your two most repeated corrections this semester? Do you feel like they have been fixed at this point? If not, what can you do to get these corrections in your body?
  • Name two things that you have accomplished this semester in technique classes. These can be broad – musicality, picking up choreography, or specific – double pirouette, saut de chat etc.. You just need to be detailed in your description of how you accomplished them.
  • Set two goals for next semester, again these can be either broad or specific.

Due dates – 

Gold group – Thursday 11/21

Silver group – Friday 11/22