Week of September 13-15, 2017

Well we have certainly had a crazy week! I hope that you and your families stayed safe throughout the storm and residual weather we had in the area over the past couple of days. We will pick up this week with our regular schedule starting on Wednesday and go from there. This means that I will not see the Silver group this week. Please make sure you have read the chapter that I already gave you on the African roots of jazz dance, because you will be getting the second chapter next week so that we can get you all of the information before you leave for Fall Break. After Fall Break concert choreography begins! So, everyone, keep doing what you know you need to do outside of class so that our class time can be put to its best use.

Wednesday 9/13/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz History/Technique

Thursday 9/14/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz History/Technique

Friday 9/15/17 –

Gold Group -Jazz Barre/Modern Jazz class


Reminders – 

-Dancewear orders will be arriving soon, and this means EVERYONE will be expected to be in 100% CCCEPA dress code every day. No exceptions.

-We will also have a concert dance wear order and I will be posted concert requirements for each class so that you know of any additional items you might need to get at this point to be prepared for the concert in December.

-Specific shoes for Jazz pieces – there will be some pieces performed in character shoes or black jazz shoes, and the turnaround  to have these in class will be very short. I will post the shoe requirements with the concert requirements. Since these are both listed on the syllabus and not affiliated with the CCCEPA Online store, you will be expected to have those in a timely fashion. I know many of you have them already, just know that if you don’t and your class is wearing them in concert you will need to get them quickly.

-KEEP UP WITH YOUR WEEKLY CORRECTIONS IN YOUR JOURNALS!  – Yes, we can grade these at any point, but that is not the overall point of assigning these. We want you to get better and applying corrections so that you can advance faster in your training. Writing them down immediately after class is the best way to remember specifics so that you can actually apply the correction in your next class.


Week of September 5-8, 2017

Welcome back dancers! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and are ready to get back in the studios this week. Remember that we have our Unit 1 Test on Wednesday 9/6/17, other than that the schedule for the week should be relatively normal. But as you know, it’s important to remain flexible in body and mind in order to handle whatever comes your way.

Weekly Schedule – 

Tuesday 9/5/17 – 

-Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Wednesday 9/6/17 – 

-Unit 1 Test – all classes

-Gold Group – Jazz Technique (after test)

Thursday 9/7/17 – 

-Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Friday 9/8/17 – 

-Silver Group – Jazz Technique


Technique Focus – 

Jazz Skills grades will have their final adjustments this week to reflect performance for the full six week term. Students are evaluated on the elements listed in the Dance Department Handbook handed out the first week of school.

Remember that each week more is expected of you in class – your ability to get not only get through warm-up but perform movements with energy and dynamics, your ability to retain combinations and phrases from class to class and week to week (this will prepare you for learning concert choreography) and your ability to retain and apply corrections.

Academic Focus – 

This week is the Unit 1 Test, which we reviewed for last week, and then we move on to the African roots of Jazz. After Monday, all students should have the first handout for Unit 2 and are expected to read it in it’s entirety to be prepared for Essential Questions at beginning of classes.

Week of August 28-September 1, 2017

Dancers – this week we will continue with technique classes and wrapping up Unit 1 of Dance History and Terminology.

*Wednesday 8/30/17 is an Early Release Day for Students, you will go to each class period for a short amount of time. *

Weekly Schedule –

Monday 8/28/17 –

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Tuesday 8/29/17 –

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/History and Terminology Review


Gold Group – Unit 1 History and Terminology Review (do not dress out)

Thursday 8/31/17 –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Friday 9/1/17 –

Gold Group – Jazz Barre/Modern Jazz Technique


Other Reminders –

-Keep up with your journals and weekly corrections – 5 per week. These should be useful corrections that you are actively applying in class.

-PTSA Open House Thursday 8/31/17  6:30 pm

-Monday 9/4/17 – Labor Day Holiday, no school



Week of August 21-25, 2017

Dancers – we are in our fourth week of school! I hope you all have been practicing and stretching at home and that you are beginning to see the benefits of your hard work in class. Make sure that you practice new steps and phrases each night and remember that more is expected of you every week!

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 8/21/17 – Adjusted Schedule for Eclipse – 1st, 4th, 3rd, 2nd – no 5th period, school releases at 4:16 pm and you will go to your magnet bus at that time to go home

-Silver Group – Jazz

Tuesday 8/22/17 – 

-Silver Group – Jazz

Wednesday 8/23/17 – 

Written Common Assessment – all classes, remember this does not count for a grade! But plan on dancing that day as well. We will most likely be rotating in groups to computer lab.

-Gold Group – Jazz

Thursday 8/24/17 – 

-Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Friday 8/25/17 – 

-Silver Group – Jazz Technique


Curriculum Focus – 

We have begun our unit on Jazz History, please make sure you have read all of the information handed out as well as terminology from Giordano dictionary. This is where the information for your first unit test will come from in a couple of weeks. I will post a list of terminology selected (it will not be the entire list handed out).

Other Reminders – 

Keep selling those Cheesecakes! Money is due this Friday!

Dance Journal Requirements

Two major things that we have been going over regarding your Dance Journals are discussed below. The other main thing to remember is to keep up with your journal on a daily basis and it should never be a stress for you. This is your guidebook, study aide, resource etc. for the entire year.


  • This should be located at the very front of journal. If it is not the very first handful of pages, please note on the inside cover what pages it is located on. Remember if we cannot easily locate your Table of Contents when doing journal checks for grades, you will get an automatic zero.
  • Make sure all pages are numbered.
  • Make sure all entries are dated and labeled for style of class, i.e. – Monday 8/14/17 – Jazz
  • You can put as much as you want per page just make sure it is legible


  • You need to write down FIVE corrections per WEEK
  • These can be one a day or not, that is up to you
  • In your Table of Contents, state at the top how you are listing your corrections – weekly, daily, in their own separate section – just make sure page numbers are correct!
  • These need to be corrections that you are going to focus on fixing, if you are getting the same ones over and over that needs to be addressed


Remember having your Journals set up properly is important to getting through the year in dance and also making the first few minutes of class effective and efficient. We want to get you dancing as soon as possible, but the information in your journals is a necessary part of your training as well. Any questions on this, please ask either Ms. Denise or myself.

Week of August 14-18, 2017

Dancers – Please look over the separate post on Journal requirements. This all goes in to effect this week! For jazz classes, we will continue to add on to warm-up and across the floor phrases while using more of the terminology from the list that was handed out last week.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 8/14/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

4th period – Jazz Barre

Tuesday 8/15/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Wednesday 8/16/17 – (Freshman class meetings in morning)

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Thursday 8/17/17  – (Underclassmen Picture Day -you will still dance!)

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

(4th period – Ballet)

Friday 8/18/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz with Edwards – Studio 1

Silver Group – Jazz with K. Green – Studio 2


Jazz Skills Grades – 

These grades will be going in soon but can be adjusted until the end of the 6 week term (9/8/17). Refer to the Rubric in your Handbook for a reminder of aspects of this grade.


Week of August 7-11, 2017

Alright Dancers, here we go – a full week of dance classes! Please read over the schedule below so that you know what studio to go to each day, what to wear and what class you will be having. Please let me know if you have any questions!

– Ms. Eileen

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 8/7/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz / Studio 1

Tuesday 8/8/17 – Homeroom between 1st and 2nd periods

Silver Group – Jazz / Studio 1

Wednesday 8/9/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz / Studio 1

Thursday 8/10/17 – Homeroom between 1st and 2nd periods

Gold Group – Jazz / Studio 1

Friday 8/11/17 – 

Gold Group – Modern w/Davis / Studio 2

Silver Group – Jazz / Studio 1


Other Reminders – 

-Keep up with new movement phrases that are taught by practicing them, you are expected to be retaining information as we go along, and we will only move faster.

-Sign up for your class reminds, see post on my blog for the list of codes for your class

-ALL PA PAPERWORK IS DUE FRIDAY 8/11/17!! Failure to turn these forms in will jeopardize your chance to audition for shows and go on trips, get them turned in asap if you have not already done so.

-Dress Requirements for class -Make sure you have what you need every day! We went over what you can wear if you are new and waiting on dance wear order, but outside of that, everyone else should have dress code requirements, proper under-dressing every day, hair in a bun and correct shoes.

-Dance composition books/journals – you need these beginning Monday 8/7!





Individual Class Reminds

Here are the codes you need to send to 81010 for your individual classes!

Class                             Code

1st Gold                        @first-gold

1st Silver                       @1st-silver

2nd Gold                        @2nd-gold

2nd Silver                       @2nd-silver

3rd Gold                         @3rd-gold

3rd Silver                       @3rd-silver

4th period                      @dquatre

Week of July 31-August 4, 2017

Welcome back dancers! Here we go with another school year! I will be seeing you all and look forward to greeting both new and returning students in the studio this week. Here are a couple of reminders to help make things go smoothly the first couple of days of school –

-We have Homeroom BEFORE 1st period every day this week, so make sure you go to your Homeroom class first Monday-Friday. You will have an adjusted bell schedule after that going to all of your four classes.

-You will NOT dress out the first couple of days in dance, we hope to have you dancing by Thursday 8/3, but we will let you know for sure when to bring your dance clothes!

-If you have any PA class 3rd period, you have A lunch! Please go straight to cafeteria after 2nd block. We will be going over this with 1st and 2nd period classes, but if you are unsure about what lunch you have make sure you ask your Homeroom teacher.

-5th period – Monday 7/31 – All PA students will report directly to the Earl Reece Theater. Please be on time, you will have to pick up your folder with your 2017-18 paperwork in the lobby and then head in to the theater. We need to start right at 3:41pm when the bell rings to get through all of the information, don’t be late!

-Dancewear Order Deadline is Friday 8/4/17! If you haven’t ordered dance wear for the year yet, you need to get some on this order. Please ask Ms. Reeves or myself if you have any questions!