Alright dancers, here we go! Countdown to show week has begun! This week our primary focus is getting ALL choreography completed and clean so that when we move in to the theater next week we can focus on spacing and technical components, including costumes.

Testing – 

This week is also the beginning of EOC and AP testing, and our adjusted schedule today reflected that. We will be on this same schedule through next Wednesday 5/10. I will be posting the testing/lunch schedules for 3rd period outside the dance studios if you need that as a reference.

If you are taking an AP test, and will miss dance class or rehearsal. please email Ms. Denise or myself. We need to know in advance so we can plan the best use of class and tech time. Remember, AP testing and medical emergencies are the only excused absences for the next week.

Tech Schedule for next week – 

This is posted on Ms. Denise’s blog and in the studios. Please make note of the days when you are called and plan accordingly.


Warm-up on Saturday 5/13/17 begins promptly at 3:30pm, if you are late/miss warm-up, you will not perform that night.

DRESS REHEARSAL – Remember that this means full make-up/hair/costume requirements, there is no “I’ll have it for the show” at dress rehearsal. You have everything as if there is an audience at dress rehearsal to show you are prepared for the actual show.

Hair/Make-up/Costume Reminders – I will be posting this once I know the exact show order in case hairstyles can change, but as of right now, everyone is in a bun with regular stage make-up. I will post more details on this later this week.

Start Studying for the Final Exam NOW!  – 

Seniors – you will take your exam the week after the concert, and Freshman-Juniors will be the following week. There will not be a lot of time for review in class due to concert schedule, so start going over your notes now.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 5/1/17 –

Gold group – Warm-up/Choreography

Tuesday 5/2/17 –

Gold Group –  Warm-up/Choreography

Wednesday 5/3/17 –

Purple Group – Warm-up/Choreography

Thursday 5/4/17 –

Purple Group – Warm-up/Choreography

Friday 5/5/17 –

Gold Group – Warm-up/Choreography


5, 6, 7, 8!!!!!!!!!!!