Dancers – please keep up with all of your notes and costume requirements this week. We will meet in the studios first before going to the theater unless you are told otherwise, which we might do with Remind app – so make sure you are signed up for your class!


-Dress Rehearsal means as if there is an audience – all costume pieces, make-up and hair fully done (see below), all required underdressing, no colorful nail polish, no jewelry, no glasses on stage.

Failure to complete any of this will result in a deduction of your concert grade beginning Wednesday 5/10. 

Hair –

girls – bun, unless told otherwise – this includes hairnet, all hair secure, no wispies, gel or hairspray must be used

guys – product in hair if needed to keep it in still and controlled


Make-up – 

girls – same requirements as fall – foundation powder, blush/counter under cheekbone, brown/cream eye shadows, black eyeliner, penciled in eyebrows if fair, mascara, lashes are optional but not required, red lipstick for jazz and modern, soft pink for ballet

guys – no makeup unless told for specific piece


Specific hair assignments will be sent via remind, if you don’t get one, it’s a bun.