Week of October 30-November 3, 2017

Dancers – We are beginning Unit 3 in all classes, and this means it is CONCERT TIME!! We only have a couple of weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday, and we need to be ready for the show before we leave! This means keeping up with technique/conditioning/stretching/choreography/dance history both in and out of class. Remember, YOU ALWAYS HAVE DANCE HOMEWORK!

Dance History – you will be given smaller amounts in the next couple of weeks and then we won’t have any during concert week, and then after concert there will be a large focus on it. This is different than previous units when the focus has been pretty steady each week.

Jazz Skills Grades – I will be handing your rubrics back to you soon for you to look over, most of my notes were on consistency/endurance during warm-up, and on retaining corrections. I expect both of those skills to be fully developed by now. Pirouette placement was a big focus as well. And many of you lost points for not being prepared with proper dancewear etc., please don’t let that continue to happen. Your grade should reflect your dancing, but if you choose to not follow the rules in the syllabus that both you and your parent agreed to in August, you will continue to lose points.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 10/30/17 –

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Tuesday 10/31/17 –

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Wednesday 11/1/17 –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Thursday 11/2/17 –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Friday 11/3/17 –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography


Week of October 23-27, 2017

Dancers – this is the last week of Unit 2, and of course we are having our Unit 2 Test on Wednesday. We had our review for this last week, so you should be all set with your packets and notes in journals.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 10/23 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Tuesday 10/24 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Wednesday 10/25 – Unit 2 Test – All Classes

Gold Group – Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Thursday 10/26 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Friday 10/27 – Homecoming Pep Rally Schedule

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography


Other Reminders-

-We are working on concert choreography every day in class, so if you miss class for ANY reason, it is your responsibility to get caught up on choreography before the next class. This is in addition to getting Essential Questions, and any notes missed from class lectures.

-Jazz Skills grades will be going in this week, and can be adjusted up until the last class of the unit.

Week of October 16-20, 2017

Dancers – We are wrapping up Unit 2 in our Jazz History unit and will be doing some review for our Unit 2 test that is next Wednesday 10/25/17. Of course our main focus in class is preparing for the fall concert while continuing to strengthen and grow in technical training.

Please make sure that you are keeping up with all aspects of dance class outside of the studio – reviewing for the test, practicing new choreography, reviewing new combinations in class, stretching/conditioning etc.

Remember – you always have dance homework! Use your journal, review your corrections and don’t go let a day go by without strengthening your core muscles – abdominals, back, upper body.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 10/16/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Tuesday 10/17/17 – 

Silver Group – Unit 2 Test Review/Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Wednesday 10/18/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique/Concert Choreography

Thursday 10/19/17 – 

Gold Group – Unit 2 Test Review/Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Friday 10/20/17 – 

Gold Group – Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Unit 2 Written Assignment

Read Instructions carefully and let me know if you have any questions!

All assignments are due Friday 10/13/17. No late work accepted.

You will be watching videos on Chuck Davis, researching him and his company, and then watching videos on African dance and analyzing the movement using information from your dance history packets.

Videos to watch – (all on youtube)

“American Dance Festival 2015 Season Dedicated to Dr. Charles “Chuck” Davis”

“Chuck Davis Balante Dance”

“West African Dance – Sinte” (this is from master class at Point Park University)

Requirements for Written Assignment –

-must be handwritten on lined paper

-first introductory paragraph should reflect research on Chuck Davis and his company

-two paragraphs analyzing movement from African dance videos using information from dance history packets, especially 6 characteristics of African dance (use times in videos for references – “I saw use of improvisation at 2:12 in video”)

-make sure to be as specific as possible when discussing 6 characteristics

-final paragraph on connections you see with current dance styles and six characteristics of African dance

Week of October 9-13, 2017

Dancers – we have some special scheduling this week and will be continuing our jazz history unit, technique classes and concert choreography – so busy as always!

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 10/9/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Choreography

Tuesday 10/10/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Choreography

Wednesday 10/11/17 – PSAT TESTING DAY

Testing 9-11 grades, Senior activities – 1st half of day

3rd and 4th – Gold group- Jazz Technique/Choreography

Thursday 10/12/17 – EARLY DISMISSAL DAY

1st and 2nd – Gold group – Jazz Technique/Choreography

Early Dismissal after 2nd period

Friday 10/13/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique/Choreography

Gold Group – Modern with Mr. Davis



Dancers – please read this entire post carefully so that you know what you need for the concert in December! The Spiritwear store is now open and taking orders for dancewear. This will be your last chance to order for the semester, and you can order whatever you need for the concert and/or items you need to supplement your current supply for classes. 

Some items discusses – shoes, tights, underdressing – can or need to be purchased outside of the online store. We are putting everything on the list so that you know what you need to have for the concert and can make arrangements to get it if you do not already own the required items.


ALL FEMALE DANCERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A FLEXI/BODY LINER FOR THE CONCERT. This is what you wear under your costume and it never leaves your body. If you do not have a flexi the week of the concert, you will not perform. You may purchase through the CCCEPA website, at a dance wear store, or at some department stores. You should only need one your entire time in CCCEPA dance department. No exceptions to this rule. We will be checking for these the week of the show at dress rehearsal.

All male dancers are expected to wear dance belt (same as class) at all times during concert.

Ballet – 

Females –pink tights and pink ballet shoes

Males – black CCCEPA jazz pants, black tights, black ballet shoes


Jazz – (all classes except 4th period)

Females – black tank CCCEPA concert leotard, black and tan tights*, black CCCEPA bike shorts

*I will be making announcements on shoes required for 1-3 periods (bare feet/black jazz shoe/character shoe) in the next week or so, but have both color tights so we have options with costumes

4th period – girls will wear tan character shoes

Males – black CCCEPA jazz pants, black jazz shoes, black socks