Week of November 27- December 1, 2017

It’s CONCERT WEEK!!!! This is what we have been working towards for months and will be the focus of all classes and after school rehearsals. Please refer to Tech. Rehearsal Schedule on Ms. Reeves’ blog for your call times for the week for after school rehearsals. Remember that class time is crucial this week as well because this is when we will be finalizing dances, spacing on stage, and doing runs in costumes. 

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 11/27/17 – Friday 12/1/17

For this week we will take it day by day and let you know what the schedule is. But until you are told otherwise, report to your regularly scheduled location –

Silver – Jazz/Studio 1 – Monday 11/27

Gold – Ballet/Studio 2 – Monday 11/27

We will let you know if we ever want you to report straight to the theater, we will be using the Remind app a lot this week so make sure that you are signed up so that you will get any updates that we need to send out!


Jazz Skills Grades – 

These have just gone in and were for the first couple of weeks. Obviously I was out sick quite a bit so these grades represent just a handful of classes for each group. These grades will be adjusted at the end of the six week unit as needed, so please make sure that you are keeping up with dress code requirements and any make up work you need to do for absences, in addition to working your hardest in daily warm-up/technique classes.


Dance History Unit –

Everyone should have at least read and worked on the Vaudeville packet at this point (except 4th period). I know that I need to hand them back out to you, and will most likely wait until next week so that we can work on the information together after the concert is over.



Please read this list carefully, these are the items YOU are responsible for providing this week. This has all been discussed in class and should not be a surprise, but I wanted to post it so that you had it where you could access it easily. 

ALL FEMALE DANCERS MUST WEAR A FLEXI/BODYLINER! NO EXCEPTIONS. We will check everyone for these at Dress Rehearsal, this is a requirement to perform in the show. 

ALL MALE DANCERS MUST WEAR DANCE BELTS THE ENTIRE SHOW, JUST LIKE CLASS. This is a requirement to perform in the show, no exceptions. 

1st Silver – 

Guys – black socks, jazz shoes, black jazz pants

Girls – black short shorts, black tights, black jazz shoes

1st Gold – 

Guys – black socks, black jazz shoes

Girls – black short shorts, tan tights (shorts not needed if your are wearing jumpsuit)

2nd Silver – 

Guys – black bike shorts, bright solid color tank top

Girls – black bike shorts/black tights, black tank leo, bright solid color tank top

2nd Gold – 

Guys – black bike shorts

Girls – black shorts, tan tights

3rd Silver – 

Guys – black jazz pants

Girls – tan tights, short black shorts

3rd Gold – 

Guys – black jazz pants, black socks, black jazz shoes

Girls – tan tights, black shorts, black tank leo (if wearing black/gold feather skirt)

4th – 

Guys – black jazz shoes, black socks

Girls – tan tights, character shoes


Hair/Make-up – 

Girls –

hair in bun until told otherwise – no wispies, hairnet required

Make-up – blush, red lipstick for jazz, soft pink for ballet, blush, neutral eye shadows (no bright colors/glitter), black eyeliner, mascara, define eyebrows, false eyelashes optional but not required

Guys –

Hair should not move, use gel to keep in place and long hair should be pulled back and secure

Week of November 13-17, 2017

Last week before concert! I know things have been crazy due to my absence, but we will get caught up, again the main thing is for everyone to stay in shape over the upcoming break.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 11/13/17 – 


Tuesday 11/14/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Warm-up/Choreography

Wednesday 11/15/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Warm-up/Choreography

Thursday 11/16/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Warm-up/Choreography

Friday 11/17/17 – 

Gold Group – Concert Choreography


Dance Concert T-shirts – 

$10 due by 11/17/17 if you want a tshirt! Please sign off on your name on list in Studio 1 by Wednesday 11/15/17.

Week of November 6-10, 2017

We are getting closer and closer to concert time! This week the focus is finishing dances, finalizing costumes, beginning history unit, and getting information out about dance concert tshirts.

Jazz Skills Grades – these will be going in this week, but since it is only the second week of the unit, they can DEFINITELY change by the end of the unit. We will also be going over your rubrics for the past two skills grades in Jazz so that you know what you need to be focusing on.

Dance Concert Tshirts – I will be posting a list of everyone’s names in Studio 1 on Wednesday 11/8. You need to proof and initial by your name to approve the spelling, this is how your name will appear on the shirts for Fall and Spring concerts. Due date to complete that is Tuesday 11/14. I will also begin collecting money soon for shirts, this will be a quick turn around, we are finalizing pricing right now, but they are usually around $10, so plan accordingly if you are interested in getting one, and you can use your student account for these as well!

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 11/6/17 –

Silver Group – Jazz warm-up/Concert Choreography

5th period – clean and prepare for GHP Auditions

Tuesday 11/7/17

No School!, Teacher Workday

Wednesday 11/8/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz warm-up/Concert Choreography

Thursday 11/9/17 – 

Gold Group – Jazz warm-up/Concert Choreography

Friday 11/10/17 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Gold Group – Mr. Davis