Self Assessment Paper

All students will complete a (one page, typed, size 12 font) self assessment paper analyzing your accomplishments and goals in jazz dance. You will use your 1st semester Jazz Skills Rubrics – you will get to see these this week in class, as well as your weekly corrections, and overall reflections on your progress. In your paper you need to discuss three accomplishments that you feel you have achieved, and set three goals for yourself to achieve by the end of this year. Be as specific as possible in your descriptions, it will only enhance your training and growth as a dancer.

If you have any questions about the assignment, please ask me via email or when we look at rubrics. We will not be spending a lot of class time on this. This is for your personal reflection.


Some things to keep in mind –

-One page means one FULL COMPLETE PAGE, not one page of paper with 2″ margins. Turn in half a page, expect a 50. Your name/date can take up TWO lines maximum.

-If you are going on the Unifieds trip, you need to turn it in before you leave.

-If you are in Sister Act, you might want to get it done this week.

-Do not email me papers, turn in a hard copy.

-Everybody’s printer can’t break/run out of ink/paper on February 5.

-No late work accepted.


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