Week of January 14-18, 2019

We will continue technique classes (including new warm-up combinations) as well as across the floor and center work. Dance History unit will continue with a packet giving historical context to the events that led to the development of musical theater. Writing your outline for this packet will be part of your first written/academic grade for me this semester.

Reminders – 

-Keep your journals up to date! This includes table of contents, daily questions, notes, assignments and five weekly corrections.

-Remind App – please download this app if you have Verizon as your service provider. You will no longer get the texts/reminds unless you download the app and access messages that way.

-Make-up work- it is absolutely your responsibility to get your make up work for excused absences. Email is the best way, especially if you know in advance.

-Senior Choreography Meeting – Friday 1/18/19 7:45 am, you MUST attend this meeting if you are choosing to choreograph a senior piece to be considered for the Senior Dance Showcase


Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 1/14/19 –

Silver Group – Dance History packet/outline, Jazz Technique

Tuesday 1/15/19 – 

Silver Group – Dance History packet/outline due!, Jazz Technique

Wednesday 1/16/19 – 

Gold Group  – Dance History packet/outline, Jazz Technique

Thursday 1/17/19 –

Gold Group – Dance History packet/outline due!, Jazz Technique

Friday 1/18/19 – 

Silver Group – Begin unit on Agnes deMille, Jazz Technique


Black History Month Dances

Mr. D’Havilland is sending out a cast list, but I will need to meet with everyone on the list this week! We need to make sure everyone is on board with audition results and aware of show times.

I am so proud of all of the dancers that auditioned, but the program is not long enough for all of the acts that auditioned. Some dancers will be consolidated into pieces so that we can have a show under the time limit.

If you have any questions about audition results, please see me.

Dances for 2019 BHM Show – 

“Strange Fruit” – Tyress, Charles, Eugene

Eshe’s piece


“Freedom” – this will be a BIG group number for girls and I will try to meet with you individually in class tomorrow

Hip-Hop piece- TBD, I need to speak with Umar. Jayden and Isaiah about this piece this week.


Week of January 7-11, 2019

WELCOME BACK DANCERS! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing break and that you are ready to get to work. This will be a very busy semester. We will begin working on concert pieces much sooner since our concert is three weeks earlier this spring. We also begin our unit on Director-Choreographers of Musical Theater.


-Have all dress code requirements with you every day

-Bring your journals every day and keep them current

-If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your makeup work

-Please inform us of any upcoming trips that you are taking in advance



Monday 1/7 – *

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Tuesday 1/8 – *

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Wednesday 1/9 – *

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Thursday 1/10 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Friday 1/11 – 

TBA – we will let you know who is with who earlier in week


*Extended Advisement Schedule Monday-Wednesday, HR before 1st period

Last week of the semester! 12/17-12/21/18

Dancers -well, we made it! This week is about finishing up choreography projects and preparing for the final exam at the end of the week. Make sure you bring your journals/handouts/notes for final review days!

Monday 12/17/18 – 

Silver Group- Final Performance for Choreography Projects

Tuesday 12/18/18 – 

Silver Group – Exam Review

Wednesday 12/19/18 – 

Gold Group – Exam Review

Thursday 12/20/18 – 


Friday 12/21/18 –