Week of January 8-12, 2018

Well, dancers, another day out of school! We will adjust and keep moving on!

Obviously the focus of this week is the VAUDEVILLE PROJECTS! Make sure you have selected your music and are ready to work in groups when you get to jazz class this week. You all have an extra day off of school, so you have plenty of time to be prepared for these projects. I look forward to seeing all the variety!

Silver Group – You will start your projects Tuesday 1/9, and then perform next Tuesday 1/16 due to the holiday on Monday 1/15.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 1/8/18 – no school, inclement weather

Tuesday 1/9/18 – Vaudeville Projects – Silver Group, work in groups and prepared for performance

Wednesday 1/10/18 – Vaudeville Projects – Gold Group, work in groups and prepared for performance

Thursday 1/11/18  – Vaudeville Projects – Gold Group, short rehearsal and perform for grade

Friday 1/12/18 – Jazz Technique – Gold Group



Vaudeville Project Music

Below are two links that can lead you to lists of popular songs from the 1920s. After that is a list of early jazz musicians and little bit about their style in case you want to venture on your own search and/or don’t find what you need from links.

Requirements for Project – your group can use however many pieces of music it needs, but you need to come to class prepared with a piece of music for your act. Then your group can decide how to choose and organize your music. You will have to write down the title, artist and release date for all music used on your group rubric so have that information with you as well.

Links – 



Early Jazz Musicians – 

Scott Joplin – foremost composer of Ragtime, which would lead to development of stride piano, one of the first styles of jazz

Buddy Bolden – blended Ragtime with Blues and Church music, added brass and clarinets and changed how jazz was orchestrated

King Oliver – band leader, Louis Armstrong’s teacher

Nick LaRocca – leader of Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Jelly Roll Morton – combined Ragtime with other styles

James P. Johnson – one of originators of stride piano


Auditions are Tuesday 1/9 4:30-6:15pm in the Vocal room. You must email Mr. D’Hav to sign up for the audition. There are flyers up all over Betty Gray with more information. We need all types of acts, so if you have something prepared and ready to audition next week, please make this a priority!

BHM Program Performance  – Friday 2/9/18

Dress Rehearsals – Wednesday 2/7 and Thursday 2/8 (after school)

Week of January 4-5, 2018

Welcome back dancers! I am looking forward to seeing everyone this week. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to get back in the studio! Please read over all the information below so that we can get the semester started off well.

We are on EXTENDED HOMEROOM SCHEDULE both days this week. You will report directly to Homeroom before 1st period Thursday and Friday.

Thursday 1/4/18 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique class

(4th period will begin Vaudeville projects)

Friday 1/5/18 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique class



I hope you worked on your “acts” over the break! You should be ready to begin and will be finding out your groups and time requirements soon.

Dates for each class to work on projects – 1st day is to collaborate, 2nd day is to rehearse/perform. Information will be posted on blog soon regarding rubric, but overall project description is the same as posted in December.

Monday 1/8 and Tuesday 1/9 – Silver

Wednesday 1/10 and Thursday 1/11 – Gold (except 4th, we will discuss your schedule 1/4)

If you are absent either of these days, you will have a written make-up assignment to complete by Thursday 1/11. If you fail to do this you will get a zero for the grade.

Week of December 18-20, 2017

Final week of the semester!

Monday 12/18/20 – 

(Final day for EOC make-ups as well)

1st-3rd periods – Final Exam Review with Reeves/Edwards

Silver report to Jazz studio first, Gold report to Ballet studio first, and then we will switch halfway through the period.

4th period – Master class, jazz/modern dress code

5th period – Talk back with guest teacher for all majors

Tuesday 12/19/20 – Final Exams

1st Block

2nd Block

Early Dismissal at 11:30 am

Wednesday 12/20/20 – Final Exams

3rd Block

4th Block

Early Dismissal at 11:30 am

Week of December 12-15, 2017 UPDATED SCHEDULE

Dancers – well, due to losing time from the half day on Friday as well as Monday 12/11/17, I have decided to push the Vaudeville Group Projects until January. I only have Silver group for one day this week and there will also be more conflicts with EOC testing due to them having to reschedule, and I want everyone to participate. So whatever work you have done, hang on to it until next semester! We will get in to these right at the top of the semester and also use them as a way to study different musical artists of the time period.

Weekly Schedule – Please bring dance clothes every day! 

Tuesday 12/12/17 – 

Silver Group – Exam Review, Units 1, 2 and 3/Jazz Technique

Wednesday – 12/13/17 – 

Gold Group – Exam Review, Unit 1/Jazz Technique

Thursday – 12/14/17 – 

Gold Group – Exam Review, Unit 2/Jazz Technique

Friday 12/15/17 – 

Gold Group – Exam Review, Unit 3/Jazz Technique

Silver Group – Mr. Green


We will still have the final review on Monday 12/18 where Ms. Denise and I split time with all classes for any last minute questions/concerns.

Vaudeville Group Projects – UPDATED

These projects have been moved to January 2018, so keep this assignment in mind over the Holiday break and continue to work on your “act”.

You will be assigned to groups and tasked with creating a mini Vaudeville show in which at least four of the styles of dance discussed in your Vaudeville packet are represented. In addition, there will be a time requirement based on the number of people in your group, more people equals a longer time requirement since there are more acts in the show.

Remember that Vaudeville was a VARIETY show, so these can be individual acts strung together, or you can work on some partnering group ideas as well. The main thing is that you come prepared with ideas/choreography the day your class is assigned to start working! Bring whatever shoes etc. you might need, I will supply some props from costume closet, but no costumes. You are welcome to do that on your own if you choose to.

You will have one full day to work in your groups and assemble your show, here are some things to consider – what are the order of the acts, are there any involving multiple people that you must rehearse together, what music are you using?( I will have selections for you to choose from, but if you want to bring some it must be from the time period, no later than 1920’s). Make sure you are efficient with your time together in class, everyone can practice their own individual acts outside of class.


Week of December 11-15, 2017

Well dancers, it’s our last full week of the semester! Last week ended crazy with the early dismissal and postponement of the Vocal Concert, so I know everyone is readjusting but we do need to remain focused for the last week and half before winter break so that everyone can finish the semester strong and do well on the final.

FINAL EXAM REVIEW – As I have mentioned all week, you need to be focusing on reviewing Units 1 and 2 on your own time outside of class, we will be focusing on Unit 3 in class with some warmup questions on Units 1 and 2 and review the last couple of days before finals. But if you haven’t reviewed on your own by then, this will not help you.


Monday 12/11 – Exam Exemption Forms due!

Silver Group – warm-up, then work in assigned groups to create your mini Vaudeville show

Tuesday 12/12 – 

Silver Group – warm-up, quick rehearsal in groups and then each group will perform for a grade

Wednesday 12/13 – 

Gold Group – warm-up, then work in assigned groups to create your mini Vaudeville show

Thursday 12/14 –

Gold Group – warm-up, quick rehearsal in groups and then each group will perform for a grade

Friday 12/15 – 

Gold Group – Edwards – Jazz/Exam Review

Silver Group – Mr. Green


Next Week – 

Monday 12/18 – 

Silver Group – Exam Review 1/2 of class, then with Reeves for Review

Tuesday 12/19 – 


Wednesday 12/20 – 



Week of November 27- December 1, 2017

It’s CONCERT WEEK!!!! This is what we have been working towards for months and will be the focus of all classes and after school rehearsals. Please refer to Tech. Rehearsal Schedule on Ms. Reeves’ blog for your call times for the week for after school rehearsals. Remember that class time is crucial this week as well because this is when we will be finalizing dances, spacing on stage, and doing runs in costumes. 

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 11/27/17 – Friday 12/1/17

For this week we will take it day by day and let you know what the schedule is. But until you are told otherwise, report to your regularly scheduled location –

Silver – Jazz/Studio 1 – Monday 11/27

Gold – Ballet/Studio 2 – Monday 11/27

We will let you know if we ever want you to report straight to the theater, we will be using the Remind app a lot this week so make sure that you are signed up so that you will get any updates that we need to send out!


Jazz Skills Grades – 

These have just gone in and were for the first couple of weeks. Obviously I was out sick quite a bit so these grades represent just a handful of classes for each group. These grades will be adjusted at the end of the six week unit as needed, so please make sure that you are keeping up with dress code requirements and any make up work you need to do for absences, in addition to working your hardest in daily warm-up/technique classes.


Dance History Unit –

Everyone should have at least read and worked on the Vaudeville packet at this point (except 4th period). I know that I need to hand them back out to you, and will most likely wait until next week so that we can work on the information together after the concert is over.