Dancers – there is an app now available with the entire schedule for the KSU festival that you can look over and check out class schedules. Please note that a second adjudicated concert has been added for Sunday 4/23 at 6:00 pm – We are still performing in the Saturday 6:00pm show, just wanted to let you know about the additional show. All the details are on the app, they are still making some changes and adding some things, but I would go ahead and download it. You can already get a lot of the schedule information on it, or go to the KSU Dance website to see the class and adjudicated concert schedule.

App is called – KSU Dance Festival 2017 

Class registration is 1st come, 1st serve, on site. So once a class reaches capacity you will need to go to another class. So,  I would have at least three options/choices for each time slot so you are prepared to make a quick decision.

Please go over choreography and all of the changes we did in rehearsal last week! We still have a lot to do to get the piece polished for performance. I will run it in class so you can keep it in your bodies so our time in after school rehearsals is spent wisely.

I know that I am going to take the cartwheels out – except for Nyla, those will be leap passes, so I will make that change this week. I am still planning on Thursday 4/13, just need to double check with musical rehearsal schedule. I will send out a remind as soon as time is confirmed for studio.


Rehearsal for this Thursday 3/30/17 –

 has been changed to 3:40-5:00 pm. We will start in 5th period and go until 5:00 pm. There are multiple rehearsals happening this evening and this was the best way to accommodate them all. 


THURSDAY 4/20/17 7:00-7:20 PM – YOUR CALL TIME IS 6:30 PM!!

I also want to have our last rehearsal at school on this day so we can do everything in one night, so the plan is to rehearse 4:30-5:45pm, carpool to theater on S. Cobb Drive (you will get details the week we get back from spring break) for 6:30 pm call, and then tech. You should be on your way home by 7:30 pm. 


Due to Drowsy Chaperone conflicts there are now THREE AVAILABLE SLOTS for participation in the festival. There are two options – you can go to festival and just take classes, or you can take classes and be a part of the performance – but if you are going to do the performance, I really need you at rehearsal this Thursday 3/30/17. Please see me for a contract as soon as possible if you are interested. Deadline for interested performers is Thursday 3/30/17, and for participants (taking classes and not performing) is Friday 3/31/17. But either way, you must fill out a contract. 


Week of March 27-31, 2017

Monday 3/27/17 – 

Gold Group –

Choreography Projects – work in groups

Warm-up/Concert Choreography


Tuesday 3/28/17 – 

Gold Group –

Unit 5 Test

Warm-up/Concert Choreography


Wednesday 3/29/17 – 

Purple Group –

Warm-up/Concert Choreography



Thursday 3/30/17 – 

Purple Group –

Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Hero Battle Rehearsal for KSU Dance Festival after school


Friday 3/31/17 – 

Gold Group –

Warm-up/Concert Choreography


Other Reminders – 

STAY IN SHAPE OVER SPRING BREAK! – please relax and have a good time, but you must also stay in shape with conditioning/stretching/technique/choreography review so we can jump right back in to concert preparation when we return in April.

CHOREOGRAPHY PROJECTS – everyone should have all of their information for the group projects and be working on their solo contributions – these will be checked the week you get back from Spring Break!

Week of March 20-24, 2017

Curriculum Focus – 

We have wrapped up Juries so now our focus is on Concert choreography, finishing Dance History unit, and beginning Choreography projects. The schedule will also be slightly different this week due to the Dance Festival trip, please read carefully.

Unit 5 Test- 

My section of the test will focus on Paul Taylor and major concepts from Units 1-3, Isadora Duncan through Katherine Dunham, to begin preparing you for the final exam in May. Questions on Twyla Tharp will be included on the final exam.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 3/20/17 – 

Gold Group –

Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Tuesday 3/21/17 – 

Gold Group –

Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Wednesday 3/22/17 – 

Purple Group – 1st and 2nd periods

Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Purple Group – 3rd period

Ballet Video

5th – do not dress out

Thursday 3/23/17 –

Purple/Gold classes combined in Ballet Studio (Studio 2)

Ballet video – do not dress out

5th – do not dress out

Friday 3/24/17 – 

Gold Group – Modern with Davis

Purple Group – Dance History notes, begin working on Choreography Projects in groups (you will not dress out)

5th – Modern with Davis


Dancers – the online store is open and will close on 3/22/17. This is the only time to get what you might still need for Spring Concert, but you are also welcome to stock up for next year if you choose to do so. Remember, you may buy tights elsewhere, but you need to have new, clean tights for the show.

You may pay by credit card online, or download an order form to bring in to school if you wish to pay by cash, money order or student account. ALL ORDERS DUE BY WEDNESDAY 3/22/17!


Modern – same as always –

-Females – tank leo, black tights or bike shorts (you should have both by now)

-Males – tank shirt, bike shorts



1st and 3rd purple females – 3/4 length sleeve concert leo


Jazz – 

1st/2nd Gold –

-Females – tan tights, flexi, black jazz shoes (possibly tan character shoes instead, but everyone should already own these from the fall)

-Males – dance belt, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes


2nd Purple/3rd Gold –

-Females – flexi, tan tights, tan character shoes

-Males – dance belt, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes


1st/3rd Purple –

-Females – need to have black tank leo and bike shorts as back-up to wear underneath

-Males – need to have black tank and bike shorts as back-up to wear underneath

(basically using your modern requirements as possibly underdressing for costume idea)


4th –

Females – flexis, black tights possible

Males – dance belt, bike shorts


We will discuss hair and make-up details as we get closer to the show, let us know if you have any questions. Also, don’t wait until the last minute to check your PAPA account balance!





Dancers  –

As mentioned in contract you and your parents signed when committing to the KSU Dance Festival, there will be some required rehearsals after school. Below are details that I have as of right now.

Thursday 3/30 – 4:30-6:00pm – Dance Studio 1

TECH REHEARSAL – I have requested the evening of Friday 4/21, waiting to hear back from KSU

April rehearsals – we will need at least one more rehearsal after school in April closer to performance when we get back from spring break, I would like to discuss that with the group on 3/30 so we can pick a date that everyone can be there.

Week of March 13-17, 2017

Dancers –

We have many different things to focus on in all classes, and you need to make sure you are staying on top of all areas.

We are currently working on  –

  • Concert choreography
  • Technique classes
  • finishing up modern dance history unit with study of Twlya Tharp
  • Juries (this week)
  • Choreography projects will also begin and be due at the end of the semester
  • I will also be posting details on dress code requirements for spring dance concert and dates for when online dancewear store will be open.

JAZZ JURIES – will consist of pre-test pirouette combination, plus additional across the floor combination (different for each level class), you will be filmed as part of regular class in small groups for pirouettes and either 1 or 2 at a time for across the floor combinations.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 3/13 – 

Gold Group –

-Jazz Juries/Concert Choreography

Tuesday 3/14 – 

Gold Group –

-Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Wednesday 3/15 – 

Purple Group –

-Jazz Juries/ Concert Choreography

Thursday 3/16 – 

Purple Group –

-Dance History – notes on Twyla Tharp

-Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography

Friday 3/17 – 

Gold Group –

-Dance History – notes on Twyla Tharp

-Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography


Other Reminders – 

-PA Contracts due to major area teachers – Dance 3/21, others 3/24

Drowsy Chaperone Auditions – Saturday 3/18 9 am-3pm

Week of March 6-10, 2017

Curriculum Focus – 

Dance History Unit – Videos on Paul Taylor, reviewing and discussing notes

Beginning concert choreography in all classes

Preparing for Juries (post-test assessment for Jazz and Ballet in classes next week)

Jazz Skills grades go in this week- based on endurance in warm-up and musicality and execution of movement during across the floor phrases

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 3/6/17 –

Gold Group – Dance History, Jazz Technique

Tuesday 3/7/17 –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique, Concert Choreography

Wednesday 3/8/17 –

Purple Group – Dance History, Jazz Technique

Thursday 3/9/17 –

Purple Group – Jazz Technique, Concert Choreography

Friday 3/10/17 –

Purple Group – Jazz warm-up, Concert Choreography

Other Reminders – 

-Last day to pay senior dues is Friday 3/10/17!

-Dance Juries – week of March 13

-Vocal Juries – week of March 20

-Drama Juries – week of March 27

-PA Contracts for 2017-18 school year due to your major area teachers 3/24/17 (3/21/17 for Dance Majors)

-KSU Festival Rehearsal schedule will be posted soon, details will be in separate blog post


Week of February 27- March 3, 2017

Welcome back dancers! I hope you had a restful and relaxing winter break. Now it is time to focus on the MANY things we have left to do this school year! This is the time of year that moves incredibly fast – concerts, juries, projects etc – so you really need to make sure that you stay on top of your class requirements. There will definitely be some work that you need to do outside of class in the coming months so plan accordingly.

Curriculum Focus – We will finish up our Modern Dance History unit studying some more current artists – Paul Taylor and Twyla Tharp. After that we will move on to preparing for your juries and choreography projects, all while learning spring concert pieces.

This first week back the focus will be on technique and getting back in shape. Please make sure you are keeping up with stretching and conditioning exercises outside of class as well as reviewing new across the floor combinations. All classes will continue to move at a faster pace this semester and you are expected to do the work outside of class that is needed in order to keep up.

Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 2/27 *-

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Tuesday 2/28* –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Wednesday 3/1* –

**Modified Schedule today – 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 1st**

Purple Group – Jazz Technique

Thursday 3/2 –

Purple Group – Jazz Technique

Friday 3/3 –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

*All Vocal Minors go to Vocal for 5th period Monday-Wednesday to prepare for LGPE