Journal Checks and Jazz Academic Grades

Journal Checks were done this week, these grades will be averaged with the grade you received on the Choreography Glossary Assignment. If you completed the first assignment but did not turn in your journal or received a zero, your average grade will be a 50.

I will post the specific things that I checked for each class once I have them all graded since I checked two different things for each class.

Journal Expectations – 

There is no excuse for not having your journal up to date, you are given time in class every day to work on it. If you choose not to do that, you will most likely fail any journal check that happens. We also spent the first three days of school discussing expectations for your journals and I personally spoke to every single class about how they should be set up.

Reminder of Journal Requirements that were gone over in detail at the beginning of the year –

-Table of Contents is required

-Page numbers are required

-Dates of all entries – Daily questions, corrections, notes – are required

-Location of corrections in Table of Contents



Week of October 15-19, 2018

Dancers – the focus this week is on technique, concert choreography, and reviewing choreography terms for your Unit 2 test.

I have posted music for Fall Concert in a separate post.


Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 10/15/18 –

Silver Group – Jazz Technique and Concert Choreography

Tuesday 10/16/18 –

Silver Group – Warm-up and Concert Choreography

Wednesday 10/17/18 –

Gold Group – Jazz Technique and Concert Choreography

Thursday 10/18/18 –

Gold Group – Warm-up and Concert Choreography

Friday 10/19/18 –

Silver Group – Warm-up and Concert Choreography


Journal Checks will be happening soon, this will be combined with grade from choreography glossary for the Jazz Academic Grade in Synergy.

Jazz Concert Music

I have the music listed by “title”, artist, album. All available on iTunes.

1st Silver – “If My Friends Could See Me Now”, Christina Applegate/New Broadway Cast, Sweet Charity


1st Gold – “What a Wonderful World”, Jon Batiste, Hollywood Africans


2nd Silver- “I Want It That Way”, Postmodern Jukebox/Shoshana Bean, PMJ is for Lovers


2nd Gold – “Sisters are Doing it for Themselves”, Aretha Franklin/Annie Lennox, Eurythmics Ultimate Collection 

(still figuring out other piece of music, will post soon)


3rd Silver – “The Zephyr Song”, Red Hot Chili Peppers, By the Way


3rd Gold – “In This Together”, Rupert Gregson-Williams, The Crown Season One Soundtrack


4th period – “I’ll Take Care of You”, Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa, Don’t Explain and “Jazz Man”, Beth Hart, Fire on the Floor


Updates in bold! 10/8/18


Tuesday 10/9- 5th period

“Broken Old Doll”



“Better Together”

“Lost Art of Balance”

“Better Not”

“Ain’t No Sunshine” (IF we have time, if not we will have to schedule a time before school)



Wednesday 10/10 5th period

“Aretha Tribute”

“A Walk in the Park”

“Dance with 2 Chairs”




Week of October 8-12, 2018

Dancers – this is a crazy week with testing and homecoming activities as you know, but we will keep pressing on with our technique classes and concert choreography. Reminder to keep up with your journals – both daily questions and weekly corrections.


Weekly Schedule – 

Monday 10/8/18 –

Silver Group – Jazz Warm-up, Concert Choreography

Tuesday 10/9/18 – Advisement Schedule

Silver Group – Jazz Warm-up, Concert Choreography

Wednesday 10/10/18 – PSAT TESTING – AM

Gold Group (3rd and 4th only) – Jazz Warm-up, Concert Choreography

Thursday 10/11/18 – Early Release Day, no 5th period

Homecoming Pep Rally/Homeroom

Friday 10/12/18 – Cheesecake orders delivered!!!!!!

Gold Group – Jazz Warm-up/Concert Choreography


Other Reminders – 

-SHOWCASE pre-screens happening this week, Dance pre-screens begin Tue. 10/9 (see separate blog post for schedule)

-Sign up for Oct./Nov. tap classes starting this week

-CHEESECAKE DELIVERY ON FRIDAY 10/12! Please make arrangements to have your order picked up in the theater, the earlier the better.


Shoe requirement for 1st and 2nd Silver classes

1st and 2nd Silver classes will wear the following shoes for the dance concert. Please have them in class beginning Monday 10/8/18 if possible. If you do not have character shoes by then, please bring ballet or jazz shoes until you get the character shoes. Deadline for everyone to have shoes in class on daily basis is Monday 10/15/18. Any questions or concerns, please email me.

Week of October 1-5, 2018

Welcome back dancers! We will continue with jazz technique and choreography elements for the next few weeks. I will also start concert choreography so please make sure you are in class every day! If you miss a day, it is your responsibility to find out what your make up work is for me.

Weekly Schedule –

Monday 10/1/18 – 

Silver Group – Jazz Technique

Tuesday 10/2/18 – 

Silver Group – Technique and Choreography

Wednesday 10/3/18 – 

Gold Group – Jazz Technique

Thursday 10/4/18 – 

Gold Group – Technique and Choreography

Friday 10/5/18 – 

ALL CLASSES  – guest speaker from Neurosport – Injury Prevention and Care


Upcoming Reminders – 

-DANCEWEAR STORE IS OPEN OCTOBER 1-12!! Please make sure you have checked the listed requirements for your class, located in the Pages section of my blog. Please let Ms. Denise or I know if you have any questions about what you are expected to have.

-SHOWCASE – you will be getting information on pre-screens for Showcase Auditions this week. Audition dates are two weeks away!

-JOURNALS – make sure you are keeping up with your weekly corrections! I can tell many of you are not based on your dancing and lack of retention of repeated corrections. This is an expectation – 5 a week.